Why Being Sustainable?

We only have one Earth. It is home to all species and our next generations. Due to the fast-developing technology, the climate and our living environment have changed dramatically. Researchers who specialize in different areas have agreed - the Earth is in danger. The issue of air pollution has been brought up constantly in major global meetings. Countries around the globe are now paying attention to air pollution and committing to collaborate to solve this issue. We, the Heathyoga, understand maintaining sustainability could benefit our next generations greatly. Therefore, from the beginning of our company's establishment, "Sustainability" has been a core concept in the Heathyoga culture.

Our Dedication to Sustainability

Heathyoga has been a professional yoga equipment manufacturer for over 10 years. We have been researching and developing our products continuously to meet our customers' needs. Heathyoga aims to minimize the environmental impact. We have spent numerous of our time looking for the best planet-friendly material and use it on our yoga mats.

Our TPE Yoga Mat

We are proud to say that we are one of the first companies in the industry that produce planet-friendly TPE yoga mats. Our TPE yoga mat is one of the best quality yoga mats in the yoga industry. It is made of SGS certified material. Free of latex, PVC, and other toxic material. Our yoga mats have been reviewed by numerous customers from all over the world, they love how our mats do a great job of supporting them throughout their yoga journey.

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