Do You Know Something About “Sustainable Fashion”


Everyone knows the word “sustainable” but many of us are strangers to the word “sustainable fashion”. Why would the word be used in the fashion industry? We are going to talk about sustainable fashion in this article.

What does sustainable fashion mean?

Sustainable means that the products are produced in an eco-friendly way. Sustainability means that we take more responsibilities to protect the world and the resources in our life. Sustainable fashion doesn’t mean we need to buy anything new frequently. It means we can find more ways to recycle or reuse the things in our life. Wearing or recreating what you have, buying secondhand and DIY something you need are the ways to join the sustainable fashion movement. These ways can avoid production and reduce pollution and waste.

Sustainable fashion is a little different from the “Eco-friendly” fashion and “green fashion”. It is much more overall. It combines the definition of eco-conscious and ethical fashion. Sustainable fashion is the way we show our love and consideration to the planet and the world.

Why is a sustainable fashion essential?

Fashion has been continuously bringing harm to our environment during production. The larger demand for cotton means greater harm to the environment. Fast fashion is fast growing in modern society. It is our responsibility to reduce the pollution during processing.

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