How to Choose The Right Sports Bra


What are the essentials when you practice yoga except for the yoga mat? Most of us just focus on the yoga mat, yoga accessories, or yoga pants, but ignoring the innerwear. A yoga bra can not be ignored if you want to protect yourself properly during the exercise. If you don’t wear the right yoga bra when you are doing high-intensity exercise, it might cause long-term damage to your breast. We are going to run through more information about how to choose a suitable yoga bra in the article.


Is it necessary to wear a sports bra for a yoga class?

Most women would love to wear fancy bras based on their tastes. However, the sports bra can provide much more support during exercise to give you better protection. It might do harm to your breast tissue if you don’t choose the proper bra when you are doing exercise. Women with large breasts are more likely to harm their breasts without wearing the sports bra properly, which might cause sagging, upper back, and neck tension. No matter you have small cups or large cups, take good care of your body and build a good shape.


Types of sports bra

A sports bra can be divided into a low-impact sports bra, medium-impact sports bra, and high-impact sports bra. Different styles of bras suit different types of activities and sports.


High-impact sports bras offer the highest level of support and they are perfect for high-intensity workouts, such as running, cycling, boxing, and so on. Remember that a high-impact sports bra is not suitable for yoga practice. It may even restrict you when you stretch and bend a bridge.


Medium-impact sports bras provide a medium level of support and compression. Generally speaking, a medium-impact sports bra is not necessary for yoga practice, but if you need extra support for a large breast, you’d better get one.


Normally, yoga bras are low-impact sports bras. These bras are stylish and can provide enough support at the same time. It is good for you to choose bras that are comfy.


How to choose the right yoga bra

  1. Choose the right size

No matter what type of bra you choose, the right size should be the first consideration. Women with a small cup-like A cup or B cup can wear a yoga bra with a softer side. Women with larger cups would be better to wear the strong support sports bra with strap and double layer front. It is necessary to try on the bra before purchasing to check whether it is easy movement. If you feel uncomfortable with it, maybe that is not the right size and type for you.


  1. Fabric

Look for the comfy fabric is most important. Fast-drying, sweat-absorbent, anti-odor, or anti-microbial are the key point for a sports bra. Some fabrics might be comfortable to touch but they are not suitable for exercise. Minimal stretch fabrics are perfect to use for the sports bra.


  1. Bra cups

Bra cups are different from normal cups. They are designed for different needs based on the shape of your breast and different types of support. Single-layered compression cups would be good in a smaller size. The underwired, encapsulated bra is good for those who have larger cups. They can provide strong support.


Hope you will have a better understanding of the types of sports bra and can have more information about how to choose the right yoga bra for your practice and daily exercise.

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