How to deal with the soreness brought by yoga


Even though yoga is a low-impact movement, many people, including those who practice yoga in routine will suffer pain after yoga classes. That is because your body and the muscles don’t adjust to the stretch. It is a normal situation that you will suffer pain and soreness during yoga practice. 


Feel pain in a yoga class

Yoga poses usually need deep stretches that are unfamiliar with your body and your muscles. The most important thing is that you need to adjust yourself to a comfortable state when you try a difficult yoga pose. When you feel hard or uncomfortable, don’t push yourself, just go back to the neutral pose. 


How to relieve yoga soreness

Generally, we often suffer muscle soreness after yoga practice. It often occurs within 12-48 hrs after practicing. You don’t need to worry about that because the pain will disappear on its own in the following days. There are some ways for you to deal with the pain and heal it as quickly as you can. 


Take a good rest

Your body will rejuvenate during sleep. Having an eight-hour sleep will be good for your body after yoga classes and it helps to relieve your pain. Find a good place to take a nap is also a good idea for body relaxation. Don’t hush to the next activity, give your body enough time to heal.


Drink enough water

It is always important to keep our bodies hydrated before and after exercise. Most of us know that 2.7 liters of water are needed for women’s bodies, about 3.7 needed for men’s, but only a few of us would drink enough water for our body need. Drink enough water before and after classes can speed up the metabolism and release toxins, which can reduce the pain.


Use ice or heat

If the soreness is too serious and has a really bad effect on your daily life, you can apply some ice or heat to the area that is hurt for 20-30 minutes. It is efficient to release the pain. Heat is often applied to sore muscles. It helps to make the tight muscles lose. Ice is often used for acute pain. If the pain can not be released, you can try to switch from ice to heat. 


Get a massage

Getting a massage is an efficient way to reduce the pain after practicing. Rubbing the painful area will loosen your muscles and make you feel better.



If the pain is not so serious, you can try to stretch lightly. Don’t forget to warm up before you stretch. Try the low-impact workout before you stretch.


Yoga practice brings us more benefits than its weakness. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid of the pain. Keep learning scientifically. 


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