The Right Way to Wash Your Leggings


Are you looking to look great in your yoga pants and leggings?

The easiest way is to practice yoga or work out at the gym. It's also a great idea to properly wash your yoga pants, leggings, and activewear to look your best.

With a full range of garment care services, Rinse, we asked the experts for tips on how to take the best care of your leggings.

With the help of the dry-cleaning and laundry service, we learned about doing the proper thing when it comes to washing yoga pants and leggings, making laundry day a whole lot easier.

In this article, we will discuss how to wash your leggings in the right way.

1. Heat Should Be Avoided

You should always wash these synthetic materials in cold water for yoga pants and leggings as they contain olefins, spandex, and others. The dryer should always be avoided, even at low temperatures. It's best to let the pants air dry, away from direct heat and sunlight.

To keep your activewear looking and fitting like new, always hang dry your yoga pants and leggings rather than use the dryer. The high temperature of the dryer can warp fibers and cause the material to weaken, resulting in tears, holes, and permanently affecting their shape and function."

2. Try Washing It Alone

In general, synthetic leggings and yoga pants prefer to keep away from other laundry items, aside from other synthetic pants and the occasional synthetic workout shirt. It's essential to avoid towels, jeans, and cotton T-shirts.

Eventually, the cotton fibers will produce lint attracted to the synthetic fibers, causing those lint balls to form all over the surface. To reduce friction on the outer finish, it's best to wash the leggings inside out, even if they are made from similar fabrics.

3. Detergent Should Be Used Less

It's tempting to use more detergent than you need to when you drop a load of laundry into the washing machine that has been sitting in your hamper for a week.

Choose a good detergent and - the good news - use less detergent. Clearly, activewear is made with the best technology, but they need some suds to regain their glory.

When it comes to detergents and synthetic materials, less is more. Many suds will cause your yoga pants and leggings to feel stiff, sticky and trap bacteria and odor. Some susceptible parts of the body can also become irritated by leftover detergent. There is no need for that.

4. Always Be Gentle

When washing yoga pants and leggings (remember, wash them inside out), it's outstanding. However, make sure that the gentle cycle is selected and that the final spin setting is lowered.

Using high-speed wringing won't cause the fabric to be abraded or stretched excessively. A fabric softener coats fibers with chemicals to make them feel silkier. Having a silky feel is nice,  but the chemicals left behind will reduce the fabric's wicking properties.


Currently,  leggings and yoga pants are popular styles among activewear. While providing breathability and design, Garments may be damaged during washing and drying since clothes can easily snag them on the outside.

During cleaning, you should follow these steps and then hang them to minimize contact with other clothing (or Rinse can do this for you).

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