What did the yoga block design for?


A yoga block is a brick-like foam or plastic object designed for yoga beginners. In the begging, the muscles & ligaments are not well prepared for professional yoga poses and intensive stretches. If beginners practice yoga without any accessories, they may get hurt easily.


A yoga block is a good choice for protecting beginners and helps them to catch up more efficiently. Using yoga blocks in the workout, beginners could get support from difficult yoga poses when they have not enough experience. Such as when practicing Seated Forward Fold that stretches the back, hamstring, and arms. It could be challenging if your hamstring is not flexible enough, try to reach as far as you can instead of reaching your toes or use the yoga block to shorten the reaching to your hands.

Or practicing Half Moon Pose, they could balance their bodies more easily with yoga blocks.


The yoga blocks have such a good function for beginners, do you know how many kinds of materials manufacture the blocks? Let's have a look at the below.


NBR blocks

The NBR material is similar to natural rubber, and it has better heat resistance than rubber. Besides, NBR blocks are lightweight due to the essential factor of the material. However, its rebound capability is relatively low. Hence, the NBR blocks are comparative cheap to other materials blocks.


EVA blocks

High elastic capability, water resistance, lightweight, and good rebound capability are the advantages of EVA. Most importantly EVA is ecofriendly.  It's no harm to nature when to burn or to bury.  This is a common material for yoga blocks in the market.


Generally speaking, there're two kinds of EVA blocks in the market. One is one layer EVA, and the other is two layers EVA. The two layers of EVA is manufactured for more intensive yoga exercise. The two layers of EVA are more durable and good rebound.


Cork Yoga Block

The cork yoga block raw materials are coming from nature. The raw materials squeeze together as a block. Compare with NBR & EVA blocks, the cork block has heavyweight and much solid. It could provide support to beginners while having a workout. Besides, as the raw materials related to a cork, the block has excellent water absorption. When doing hot yoga, it's a suitable choice.


Yogis could choose any kind of yoga block that meets their needs. Be bear in mind that the yoga block not only for beginners but also for professionals in the workout, each kind of yoga block has its advantages and weaknesses, hence we may have one that suits the workout purpose. Furthermore, eco-friendly and sustainable growth is important for human beings.  Raw materials that no harm to nature is another concern when we choose a block. As mentioned above, we hope we pass a clear message for you to choose the right kits in your yoga journeys.   

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