What Equipment Do You Need For Practicing Yoga


Before yoga was introduced outside of India, there was no yoga equipment as the yoga industry offers today. In the past 5,000 years, yoga has been constantly evolving and spread by numerous yoga instructors. Now, more people acknowledge the benefits of practicing yoga and have become an essential way for them to relax from the fast pace world.

When more people start practicing yoga, a variety of yoga equipment was introduced to yogis to provide better support in their yoga journey. Today, in this blog, we are going to write down our recommendation of what you need for practicing yoga.

Colorful Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat

In our opinion, the first and essential piece of equipment you should have is a yoga mat that is suitable for you and the type of yoga you practice. We have a blog about how to choose your first yoga mat, you can check it out!

There are a couple of factors you need to consider when you choose your yoga mat.

  • The type of yoga you practice – the type of yoga could be an important factor when you pick a yoga mat. For example, if you practice hot yoga, you might want to look for heat resistance and a non-slippery yoga mat since the studio’s temperature could go over 100 degrees and you will sweat a lot.  
  • Your height – Although there is no standard about how much the mat should be longer than your height, based on customers' reviews, we conclude that 3 inches longer than your height is the best reference. For example, if you are 5’6”, a 68” yoga mat is your best option, though everyone has their preference.
  • The material – Most yoga mats in the market are made of three major materials:
    • PVC – Although it is very cheap to purchase a PVC-made yoga mat, it is not biodegradable.
    • TPE – Compare to PVC, a TPE yoga mat can be recycled at the end of use and it is more environmentally friendly than PVC.
    • Natural rubber – A natural rubber-made yoga mat is slightly expensive than all other types of yoga mat due to the cumbersome production process, but it offers better durability.
  • Thickness – do you prefer an extra cushion while you practice yoga? If you do, you could choose a thicker yoga mat. If you tend to have a much portable yoga mat, a thinner yoga mat is your best choice.
  • The place you practice – Most yogis practice yoga at a yoga studio, but some yogis choose to practice outdoor while they can enjoy nature. If you are the type of person that loves practicing yoga in nature, choose one that offers a strong cushion and great thickness.
  • The style – do you know the color of the yoga mat could have an impact on how often you practice yoga? If you choose your favorite color, there’s a high chance that you will take this mat with you wherever you go and practice yoga more!


A woman is practicing yoga with a yoga block

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are probably the second most important equipment for yoga. Most beginners find themselves struggle with flexibility and certain poses. Yoga instructors usually would recommend using a yoga block as a point of support. The blocks could lift your body a little bit to help you complete your poses.


Yoga Mat Carry Bag

Now, you have picked your favorite yoga mat, you might also want to invest in a yoga mat bag to carry your yoga mat without walking into the studio with an unrolled mat. Some yoga mat bags in the market offer many functional pockets, such as a huge pocket to store the yoga mat, an inner pocket for yoga towels, and extra zipper pockets for keys and wallets. Make sure you read the description and check if the bag length fits your yoga mat.


Yoga Towel

Almost every yoga practice could make you sweat a ton. If that happens, your mat might be slippery, and could injure yourself at some point. Placing a yoga towel on top of your yoga mat could prevent sliding from happening. A good yoga towel can absorb the sweat and progressively develop in grip. Some yoga towels would even have a silicone layer on the back to keep the towel in place.

We recommend spraying a little bit of water on the yoga towel before using it to increase the grip.

  A lady is practicing yoga

Yoga Clothes

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes when you practice yoga since you will sweat a lot and you don’t want to your clothes stick on your skin. Some clothes designed for yoga could price up to $100, but it’s not necessary to buy at such a high price. There are many high-quality yoga clothes at low prices (Below $20) that offer the same features. Features, such as moisture-wicking, ultra-soft, and stretchy are what you should look for when choosing your yoga clothes.


Yoga strap

For yoga beginners, a durable yoga strap could help you accomplish some poses that require you to hold at a position. When you try to reach your toe but are limited by your flexibility, you can simply use a strap as an extension. 

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