What Should You Know Before Your First Yoga Class


Many people would be anxious before they go to their first yoga class with so many questions and confusion. They don’t know how to prepare themselves, what to bring to the first class and what to wear. These concerns would be the mind-killer if they don’t get the clear guideline. Never be afraid of getting started and don’t let anything become the stumbling block. We are talking about something you should know before your first yoga class in this article.


Which one would be better for beginners? Video or Studio?

To some extent, if you are a beginner to the yoga class, going to a yoga studio for in-person instructions would be the best choice. Instructors can provide you in-time suggestions for your poses, and tell you how to modify and adjust your poses. Video classes or online classes probably can not provide you all-around services and teaching. No doubt going to a studio would cost more than the online classes and video classes, but it is worth it. 


Going to a studio is an ideal plan for your yoga practice. However, not everything is so perfect for everyone. Maybe there is no yoga studio near you, or the schedule of the yoga studio doesn’t fit you, then online classes or video classes can be an option. What matters for the video classes or online yoga classes is choosing certified yoga instructors. Remember that don’t choose the classes aiming at the advanced yogis, choose the classes for beginners. The video content should be clear, methodical, and safe. 


What to wear

You don’t need professional equipment for the first class. You can wear activewear on hand. 

Yoga is normally practiced barefoot. You don’t need to prepare shoes for the yoga class. If you feel awkward barefoot, you can prepare a pair of yoga socks for yourself. Yoga socks are non-slip on a yoga mat to avoid injury. When it comes to yoga pants, you don’t need to buy a new pair of yoga pants on purpose at the beginning. You can wear pants that are comfortable and easy to stretch. When you move to a higher level, you can choose the better yoga clothes based on the instructor’s suggestions.


If you attend a hot yoga class or Bikram, remember that do not wear clothes made of cotton. Hot yoga is practiced in a room with high-temperature. Cotton apparel will keep the heat and you will feel extremely hot. Wear clothes that are sweat-wicking, breathable, and lightweight.

What should you bring?

You don’t need to buy an expensive yoga mat for the first class. An affordable yoga mat is good for beginners. When you have practiced for a longer time, you will know how to choose a more suitable yoga mat for yourself. Don’t forget to take a water bottle with you and keep you moisturized during practice. A towel is necessary for yoga practice. Keep yourself dry after class or else it is easy to get cold.


How to prepare before class

The most important thing is having a positive attitude and a relaxing mind. Watch some videos for the simple poses before class so that you can easily keep up with them in the class. Do not eat too much before class. You will have a stomachache easily if you eat a lot before class. One thing that can not be ignored is that warming up your body before practice to avoid injury.





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