YOGA FOR BEGINNERS: Best Tips For Your Practice


YOGA FOR BEGINNERS: Best Tips For Your Practice


When you start yoga from scratch, many doubts arise but what is mostly missing is practical advice. Somebody tell you those tricks and keys that make the beginnings of any practice easier. So you're in the right place because that's what we are going to explain in this article about yoga for beginners: the best tips for your practice.


Yoga for beginners: Where do I start?

When a beginner approaches yoga from scratch this question is very common.

Our experience tells me that the idea is to enroll in a workshop for beginners in a yoga studio. They give you the basic guidelines, they explain the different styles and the main positions or asanas.

Before deciding whether or not this type of exercise is for you, try it!

For tight budgets or if you don't have time to go to collective classes, online classes to learn at home are another valid option.



The ideal is to do a little bit of yoga every single day. As you see results, it is not a long practice a day a week but with regular short exercises. Our advice is to do every day between 15 to 30 minutes of a practice that engages with you to strengthen positions, movements and familiarize yourself and once or twice a week do a somewhat longer practice.



Usually, the sessions in classes are one hour in which 45 minutes are active exercise and 15 minutes of guided relaxation and breathing.

For daily practices at home, you can do short exercises of 20 - 30 minutes (5 or 10 final minutes for relaxation). On the internet, there are many free and well-guided exercises of yoga for beginners you can rely on. Choose what’s best for you and what’s suitable for your schedule and yoga level.


Best time of day to practice

The general recommendation is that you practice as soon as you wake up. If for you it is not an option or if you have trouble falling asleep, the afternoon is a very good option, as long as you do a quieter type of yoga, like hatha yoga or restorative yoga


Do yoga as if no one was watching you

... and in fact, except your teacher if in a studio, nobody does ...

The ego attacks a lot and tells you that you are not flexible, that the postures are anything but cool or sexy, chanting mantras make you look ridiculous, what the teacher says sounds like a mystery and the lady next to you moves a thousand times better than you.

We have all started in yoga from scratch, we have felt ridiculous and have been less flexible than a stick. The key is to overcome your fears and think ONLY about the benefits that practice will bring you.

What are you in that class for? Remember that reason every time your head takes you to compare yourself or the motivation fails you. Another important thing is to know that nobody notices you. You are beautiful and beautiful but people are focused on their practice.

And yes, all of us at the beginning in the final relaxation we had a thousand stories. The practice gradually causes the noise of the head to be silenced and you understand what mindfulness and meditation are. You will enjoy its benefits, so don't miss the final part of the class. It's 5 minutes that can make a big difference.



At last, remember to live yoga as a journey to explore your body and soul one step at a time, one breath at a time. Be gentle with yourself and commit to the present moment. These are the yoga foundations for every beginner!



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