Kim Martin-Yoga is not just a workout it’s a work in


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Hey friends, my name is Kim and I thought I would share a little bit about my yoga journey with you. Yoga has been a catalyst to so many beautiful things in my life. Yoga is not just a workout it’s a work in. A work in is the work we need to do on the inside, it’s the journey of self acceptance and self love. What started as a weight loss journey became so much more. Other diet and exercise programs worked but only short term insert the cycle of self sabotage and self loathing here.. I failed because I wasn’t addressing what was truly going on in the inside.

Yoga taught me that the internal work is just as important as the physical. I am now able to identify those patterns of self sabotage. Of course there are days that I struggle, I am human after all, but yoga has also given me a beautiful support system that I can reach out to. When your cup is full of joy, that joy spills out and fills the cups of others, and that friends is a beautiful thing.

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