Tori——Yoga is not just these amazing poses. But a safe space.


IG: ganjayogawithtori

My yoga journey began in 2019. I was inspired by my boyfriend to start a yoga practice, we practiced YouTube videos together and shortly after I fell in love with inversions of yoga. Most of my practice was physically based. I practiced headstands outside at a park on my lunch breaks for work. I couldn’t believe how well I was progressing and it truly brought me joy to practice. I continued practicing solo. That same year my sons father passed away and yoga is what helped me process the pain, the confusion, and the sadness. When the 2020 quarantine happened, yoga is what kept me grounded while working from home. I finally started using my first yoga mat (Heath yoga) and feeling more comfortable with my practice. During the quarantine, my family decided to quit our jobs and move to Michigan, USA (from Indiana) and after quitting my job the opportunity to become a yoga teacher came to me and I took it. My yoga teacher training changed my life— it’s where I had my first spiritual awakening and could release what was no longer serving me. It gave me an idea of what yoga truly was— not just these amazing poses. But a safe space.

After this moment I knew that I found my practice for a reason, to share with others. Because every single person deserves to create this safe space to feel every single emotion.

All the time I was practicing I never released how much the practice of yoga was helping me process emotion.


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