Alice——Practicing yoga brought me peace during the most difficult time


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I started practicing yoga 5 years ago just for fun. At that time, I was looking for a channel to do low-impact exercise because I don’t like running or cycling. I went to classes here and there but wasn’t too serious about it and working long hours didn’t help. In late 2019 I became more aware of the need to be healthy and started to go back to yoga classes more regularly.


When the pandemic shutdown began, I was able to start practicing at home given the basics I learned in class. I began to challenge myself to do more advanced poses with the help of various sources on the internet. Practicing at home brought me peace during the most difficult time in 2020.


Practicing at home allowed me to stay present and be aware of my physical and mental health. I learned to be okay that I am not perfect and appreciate the progress I have made, both in yoga and in life.


I love practicing power vinyasa at home, outdoors, and taking hot vinyasa classes. I love flowing non-stop and be challenged by different types of transitions.

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