10 Yoga Classes for Back Pain


This may be the year you will finally conquer the yoga poses that have been so difficult for you. The key is to add a twist to your usual routine and introduce something new for yourself. If you are not sure which yoga class is more suitable for the treatment of back pain, we have combined the 10 yoga classed for back pain that can help you to get back to a cheerful and healthy life.

1- Esther Ekhart / 30 mins / Hatha, Therapeutic

Esther Ekhart is a famous yoga teacher and author. You can find her at the studio and teach many classes all over the world. She has developed a treatment making it easier for people to deal with back pain and teach them how to practice yoga safely.

2- José de Groot / 35 mins / Yin Yoga, Therapeutics

José de Groot has developed special training for back pain management. He is an instructor and yoga teacher who can bring you into the right yoga pose that will help to relax you and treat the pain in the back.

3- Sandra Carson / 44 minutes / Therapeutics

Sandra Carson is an instructor who will teach you the basic steps in practicing yoga. The course includes two levels of training to help you in dealing with back pain and in managing it correctly.

4- Lisa Petersen / 10 mins / Somatics

Lisa Petersen is an instructor who introduces easy yoga poses that help to relieve back pain. The course is designed for all levels, so depending on your skills you can choose lessons suitable for you.

5- Helen Noakes / 30 minutes / Somatics

Helen Noakes is an instructor who teaches you how to deal with back pain using proper yoga poses. This course includes ten easy moves which will help you to relieve discomfort in your lower back and shoulders.

6- Anat Geiger / 41 mins / Slow flow

Anat Gieger is an instructor who will guide you in the practice of yoga moves. She teaches you to calm down your nervous system and prepare your body for yoga training.

7- Lyn Core / 35 mins / Hatha, Therapeutic

Lyn Core is an instructor who will teach you the basics of yoga, including some extra moves for back pain relief. Thanks to her lessons you will learn how to deal with pain and relax your muscles.

8- Sandra Carson / 37 mins / Therapeutics

Sandra Carson, her name is Sandra Carson. She was born in the Philippines and she has traveled the world trying to share her knowledge with people. She has developed a therapy that includes yoga exercises to help you in managing back pain effectively.

9- Jennilee Toner / 50 mins / Hatha, Talks

Jennilee Toner is an instructor who can teach you how to deal with back pain. She is a yoga therapist certified in the ITYTE program, which means that this lady definitely knows what she's doing.

10- Johanna Lundqvist / 36 mins / Restorative yoga

Johanna Lundqvist is a yoga therapist who can help you in dealing with back pain. The course includes therapeutic yoga poses that will work on your spine, pelvis, hips, and shoulders.

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