7 Simple Steps to Start a Home Yoga Practice


Practicing yoga doesn't require fancy equipment or a specific space, one of the most beautiful and liberating aspects of the practice. The practice is accessible to everyone.

As long as you are willing to work with it, the practice meets you where you are. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to make it into a studio for a class, and many of us may be stuck at home trying to find a way to practice.

In any case, committing to developing a regular yoga practice at home can become a profound tool for developing a deep relationship with yoga.

How is household yoga practice defined?

The term household yoga refers to a yoga practice that is a regular part of your daily routine. The exercises may include doing yoga poses, meditating, breathing exercises, or chanting Sanskrit mantras.

In addition to incorporating yoga into their morning routines, other folks prefer to do it before bed. Family yoga practice is highly personal - it is developed and defined by what you value, need, and demand.

Tips for making your home yoga practice more effective:

It can be daunting to start a home practice, especially when you have a yoga teacher to plan, structure, and teach yoga for you, relieving you from having to do everything on your own.

1.  Be clear about your goals and intentions

It is a good idea to define what you want from your home practice before you begin, as it may be different things on different days.

Decide what kind of practice you want to build based on your why. Setting gentle and realistic goals will help you avoid getting discouraged. You're starting something new, so that's already a great achievement!

2.   Research a little bit

There are many resources to choose from, no matter what level you're at, but it can be trial and error to find a studio and teacher you click with.

Getting to know your body's limits and getting a feel for its alignment in a class setting is always beneficial, but you don't need to attend a yoga class with a home practice.

3.   Create your practice space

If you could dedicate a corner or room to your home practice, you would be able to practice more regularly while not needing to use too much space.

Before you begin your physical practice, make it a safe space by sitting down on your mat and taking a few deep breaths.

4.   Plan time for yourself

You will have days when you desire to practice yoga and other days when you will drag yourself to the mat - and that's fine, too.

If this sounds difficult, you might find it easier to schedule time for your practice by scheduling an appointment in your calendar, setting the alarm, or adding it to your task list!

5.   Be gentle and keep it simple

Having patience and being forgiving with yourself is crucial when you first begin to find your groove. To create a habit, you need time and effort.

Don't be hard on yourself when you don't get on your mat for a while; get back on it once and take it one day at a time.

6.  Stick with the pose that feels good

Take advantage of what comes naturally to you. Try that one pose when you're in a yoga class if you love the way it feels.

Do not attempt perfection or judge yourself right away. A routine requires repetition.  Feel free to be silly when you want to, move in ways that feel good, and above all else, do what makes you happy.

7. Always stay inspired

Don't be afraid to have the occasional tune-up. You can try new things and expand your practice by listening to podcasts, reading books, and talking to teachers who have more experience than you.

Yoga at home: Why would you do it?

At the end of the day, if you wish to deepen your practice, you must develop a personal relationship with yoga by practicing at home independently.

Yoga classes no longer have to fit your schedule if you'd like to practice it whenever you like

Don't feel obligated to wear yoga pants for your practice; wear whatever you like

Spend time practicing specific yoga poses that you find challenging.  You only focus on yourself and your yoga when practicing at home.

It is much less expensive than joining a yoga studio - there are free resources available everywhere on the web.

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