How to arrange a beginning yoga schedule


Yoga is a low-impact exercise. There are so many benefits you can get from yoga if you can insist on it. You have decided to get started. The next step is to make a scientific schedule for beginners.


Yoga Schedule for beginners


Like other activities, we should start with ease. Your body and muscles take time to get used to the movement and pace that is different from walking or running. Slowing it down makes it possible for you to learn more skills of movement and complete the pose with grace and beauty. Meanwhile, you suffer a lower risk of injury at a slow speed. For beginners, it is better to do yoga 2-3 times a week. Your body needs enough rest after practicing. After one month of practice, you can try to do yoga 4-5 times a week. But please don’t forget to have one day off to have a good rest. It will make you more energetic and stronger. You should find the balance between rest and practice. Don’t get injured or else you need to take a long time to recover and stop training for long time.


You can not jump into a rigorous schedule like running or spinning. Yoga is skillful, which means that it takes a long time to learn and improve. Even you try different types of yoga, your body needs some time to get used to the different ways of movement. Yoga is an exercise using a full body. Flexibility and balance are very important in yoga learning. You need to improve your strength and flexibility step by step. It is useless to push yourself so hard.


How can you insist on yoga practice?


We are all living a hectic life and find it hard to insist on exercising. Let’s find some ways to make it easier to stick to your practice.


Have a goal


We need to have a clear goal to remind us of practice and keep us more focused. You don’t need to set a long-term goal. Set a goal month by month. Make it more specific and measurable. You will be more inspired after you reach a small goal.


Invite a friend


This is a good way to help. You may give up easily if there is no one to be with you for the yoga practice. You may feel lonely and upset in your yoga journey. Find someone to join you. It will make it more interesting and funny. You can communicate, practice, and share what you thought with those who practice with you.

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