Do you know how to clean your yoga mat?


Yogi can not complete their perfect yoga poses without a yoga mat. However, a yoga mat could also be a perfect place for the hidden germs. When you are doing high-intensity practice on your mat, the sweat drops down onto your mat leading to germs growth and a terrible odor. Do routine cleaning for the mat is of great importance. Deep cleaning can eliminate the bacterial and dirt on your mat, keeping your mat as new as it was bought and extending its service life. Let’s learn more details about how to clean yoga mats in this article.


How is it important to clean your yoga mats?

You will feel extremely uncomfortable when you practice on an odorous and dirty yoga mat. The hidden germs will continuously grow after long-time use, which may cause potential risks to your health. When you go to the yoga studio, there is a high risk of cross-contamination sharing the yoga mats with others. Disinfecting your mats regularly can wipe out the dirt, bacterial, and impurities from your mats and avoid infection.


Different cleaning options for yoga mat

Yogt cleaninga mat cleaning options vary from the types and design of your mat. Some yoga mats are softer and more porous with water-absorbent materials. Some closed-cell yoga mats are not as thick as the open-cell yoga mats but they are water-resistant. Compared with the closed-cell yoga mats, the open-cell yoga mats retain more germs and dirt. You can choose different cleaning options depending on the styles of the mat.


How often to clean a yoga mat?

It is better to wipe up your yoga mat every time you use it with mat cleaner or clean water. Deep cleaning is necessary once a month.


Is it good to wash the yoga mat in the washing machine?

You should read the instruction carefully to get more details of your mats. Technically, some brands make it possible for the machine wash. But most of the mats can not be washed in the machine, which may harm your yoga mats.


Routine cleaning

Just do the basic cleaning with a yoga mat cleaner after every practice to maintain your mats. It is better to take a bottle and a clean yoga towel each time you practice. Spray some cleaner and water on your mat, and then wipe up the surface after practice. Please follow the instruction of your mat to avoid some damage.


Deep cleaning

It is necessary to do routine deep cleaning for your mats. You can not imagine how dirty it is after the long-time use and how many bacteria are hidden in your mat. The open-cell mat can be submerged in the water, but the closed-cell mat might be damaged submerged in the water. 


Open-cell mat cleaning

Don’t wash the yoga mat in the hot water. Warm water mixing with the soap is fine for the cleaning. Put it in warm water for 5 minutes and then scrub it lightly. Finally, rinse the yoga mat.


Closed-cell mat cleaning

To better take care of the closed-cell mat, you’d better wash it by putting it on a flat and smooth surface. Put the clean cloth into the water mixed with several drops of soap. And then wipe up the mat from the top to the bottom. Don’t forget to pay more attention to the dirty spot. 30 minutes of air dry is necessary.


To sum up, take good care of your mat means take good care of yourself. A clean mat reduces the risk of skin irritation.


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