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Nowadays, leggings are popular in multi-occasional dressing outfits. Just like wearing in the workout, walking with the dogs, going to school, or even dressing in the office. Have you ever have an eye on the materials shown on the wash-tag? Do you understand the function of each component? This article, it would offer you a brief introduction and helps you to choose suitable yoga pants the next time.



Let's start with FIBER. There're 2 categories of fiber. One is a natural fiber, it contains cotton, silk, and fur, etc. The other one is an artificial fiber, such as Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex, etc. Since natural fiber has no elastic function, we would not discuss them in this article. For artificial fiber, we have the concepts below before we move on.


Nylon, the first artificial fiber that human beings ever had. It was the no. 1 artificial fiber before 1970 in the world due to its fruitful raw materials & excellent functional performance, but replaced by Polyester since then.


The advantages of Nylon are the high intensity and resistance of all artificial fiber. However, in terms of hygroscopicity & breathability, Nylon is not good as cotton.


Polyester was developed in 1941 and was widely used after 1970. It shares the same weakness as Nylon, but elasticity performance is pretty good compares with Nylon. Polyester is about 2 to 3 times stronger than Nylon in elasticity. When Polyester is stretched for 5% to 6% from any form, it could reshape as normal. Besides, Polyester could be washed in a detergent that contains bleaching agents, oxidants, hydro or inorganic acids.


Spandex is a so-called elastic fiber. It could be stretched 5 to 7 times from its normal form. Hence it is a must-have component in weaving high elastic functional cloth. On the other hand, Spandex has the worse intensity and hygroscopicity amount above mentioned fibers.


Base on the above mentioned, clothing manufacturers weaving the cloth with mixed-up fiber material to achieve the exact function they want. Each fiber proportion would be shown on the wash tag. Yoga pants request for high elastic and flexibility that support Yogi to practice every poses. The Polyester & Spandex mixed weaving cloth could fully match the needs. Before making your decision, you can refer to the product description of the cloth components. Generally speaking, Polyester & Spandex are commonly used in 8713 or 7723 portions to weave cloth. That means Polyester weights 87% and Spandex weights 13% of the cloth. Likewise, 7723 is short for Polyester 77% and Spandex 23%. Therefore, when you would like to find yoga pants with high impact for a professional workout, you may choose 7723.


When mastering the materials combination of Leggings, we may come to the manufacturing method of them.  In short, it would be one-side knitting and double-side knitting. Leggings to be see-through or not are based on the knitting method. Double-side knitting can better solve the see-through issue and have the ladies more confident in practicing yoga or walking down the street. But double-side knitting would be less hygroscopicity and more expensive.  So we can choose the yoga pants style in a different situation.  In summer, Space Dye leggings with one-side knitting would be a good choice. Since not only the pattern could lower the embarrassing lines but also offer you a breathable feeling. In fall, double-side knitting ones could fit the outdoor temperature. You can choose whatever style you want.


How we could understand the knitting method? The most direct way is to feel when touching the yoga pants. Double-sided knitting is usually thick than one-side knitting. Or shall we have a measurable form to check? Yes, I would like to present another concept of cloth.


GSM is short of Gram Square Meter means a square meter cloth's weight. The bigger number of GSM proves the thicker the cloth. At the same time, you should pay more for the leggings. Even though we have the concept of GSM, it would not be shown on either the wash-tag or package. It would be a reference for consumers.


All in all, the cloth is developing with a technology upgrade. We believe that new leggings would meet consumers' needs without a doubt. Yoga pants that are squat-proof, moisture-wicking, non-see-through, breathable, and affordable have arrived. Enjoy your shopping with the above information.

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