Yoga Poses to Try Before Sleep


Relaxation is one of the benefits of yoga. By breathing deeply, stretching long, and assuming relaxing positions, yoga can foster a good night's rest, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.

Easy to do before bed, this yoga routine is a good way to wind down. Find a wall with enough space around it and pick up a pillow or two.

If you're practicing at night, it may be useful to turn on some smoothing music, dim the lights, and wear cozy pajamas, as you'll want to get into bed as soon as you are done. You can release all your stress and tension before going to bed by practicing yoga.

Yoga may promote better quality and longer duration of sleep when added to your nighttime routine.  A person who has restricted sleep or insomnia will particularly benefit from this technique.

Here are some best yoga poses you can try before sleep.

Let's get started.

1. Waterfall Pose

The active pose that we are demonstrating is a good place to begin. Your central nervous system is calmed and relieved with this gentle inversion.

The exercise is also great for stretching out tight hamstring joints caused by standing or sitting all day.

Make sure your back is as long and long as possible by raising and extending your hips and sit bones a bit.

Set your feet 90 degrees apart, bringing your knees to your chest and extending your legs. It depends on your physical condition, whether your knees are bent or not.

You can relax for 10-15 breaths with your arms extended to the side, your eyes closed, and by breathing deeply. A wall or a headboard can also be used for a refreshing version of the pose.

2. Butterfly Sleeping Pose

While sitting, your hips can become closed and tight, so this pose will help you open and stretch your hips as well as your lower back.

Bring your feet together in front of you and pull your knees in. When leaving Twisted Roots, slowly get up from the ground and bring your heels together.

It is unnecessary to put your feet close to your pelvis because your feet can be as far or as close as feels comfortable, and you can either elevate your hips with a pillow or rest your knees on a pillow on either side of your pelvis.

Taking a deep breath, stretch your spine upwards, and gently bend forward, reaching your forehead toward your feet as you bend your spine and neck inward.

Find a stretch that suits you and spend up to ten minutes in that position while taking ten to fifteen deep breaths.

3. Child's Pose

The final pose in the flow stretches out the hips and back one last time, plus it is very calming for our nervous system, just like a big hug.

On one end of a pillow (or a bolster), put your thighs in line with your sit bones and your heels against the pillow.

As you lie on the pillow, bend your head to the right, keeping your sit bones and heels as close together as possible. Otherwise, you can put a square of fabric between them.

Try letting yourself settle into the pillow as you relax, letting go of any thoughts that remain in your head.

You may fall asleep before you get to the other side. Be sure to stay here for 10-15 breaths, then repeat on the other side.


Continue to take slow, steady breaths while you rest in a comfortable position. Sleep peacefully as you feel relaxed.

As you practice these yoga poses, you will relax your body and mind with deep, mindful breathing. You will be able to sleep better if you can calm your mind and release tension.

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