How Often Should We Practice Yoga


How often should we practice yoga? That sounds like a very simple and boring question. But it is not. Does it include many meanings such as how often should you attend a yoga class? How long do you practice can get benefits from yoga practice? If we spend more time, can we make faster progress? What time at least I spend can get the physical benefits? These questions may drive you crazy right? 



You are the one who is most familiar with your body. Don’t push yourselves so hard at the beginning. Do yoga practice regularly based on your body conditions. If you have any diseases, please consult your doctor first before you start any physical activities. Generally speaking, 3-5 times a week is a healthy and scientific yoga practice. Your body needs enough time to rest and recover. Proper rest is the key to becoming stronger and more energetic. Some people can practice yoga every day and don’t feel tired. But everyone is not the same. What matters is you need to know your body rather than compare it with others.


Why do we practice yoga?

A very simple reason for practicing yoga is losing weight. Many people consider yoga is as a workout for a stronger body. Yoga is a work in exercise that focuses on our inner world and brings us a strong will.


Of course, we may get injured in repetitive practice. It is called repetitive strain injury. The treatment for the RSI is to have good rest or more practice. If you just practice once a week, the benefit you get from this won’t be too much. You don’t form a habit of practicing. At least 3 times a week, your body will get used to the normal practice.


How long does it take to get the benefits?

Some people, see the result immediately after one-time practice. They feel relaxed and get peace after practice. Long-term benefits take time. Many people will make a big difference after one year of practice. Consistency is very important for every success. Yoga is an exercise connecting your mind, your soul, and your body. It takes a long time to explore its hidden meaning.


Yoga is a part of our life. We do yoga just like breathing and sleeping. We insist on practicing for health and happiness. We find the bond of everything and everyone we care about. We get more love and embrace changes with an open heart.

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