Is Vinyasa Yoga Difficult?


Some people want to join Vinyasa yoga class but they worry that they can not keep up with the class. Is Vinyasa yoga so difficult to practice? It would not be more difficult than other types of yoga. You need to choose the class based on your level of practice and your ability or else you will feel hard to move on. 

Here are a few factors affecting your Vinyasa yoga practice: your fitness level, what class you choose, and your teacher. 


General fitness

Those who do regular exercise will feel easier to adjust their body to the yoga poses. But it is also better for them to begin yoga class at an easier level. Vinyasa yoga requires full-body movement. It is a new challenge for your body.


Choose the right yoga classes

There are three levels including beginner, proficient and skilled. There are no strict rules for levels. Normally, it is also a little different in different studios. If you are not sure what level of classes you need to attend, you can have a consultant with your teachers. Choosing the right class makes it more simple for your yoga practice. You won’t feel so hard to catch up. I think the hardest thing for yoga is to begin. If you show up repeatedly in the class and you begin your first step to practice, you have overcome the most difficult part.


What is the most difficult part of Vinyasa Yoga?

Holding a pose. Stay in one fixed pose is not so easy for people who have a weakness in balance. Normally you need to hold one yoga pose for 5 breaths in vinyasa. 


Sequence. Sequences are more than two poses that are integrated. A sequence aims to strengthen the same certain muscle groups. You may feel pain at the beginning because it is a little challenging when the same muscle group is always working.


Building strength. There are some weak muscles before we practice. You may feel it hard to control your body to do the yoga poses. Through day-by-day practice, you will become stronger by stimulating your muscles. When you gain more strength, you will feel it easy to finish the pose and you can do it elegantly. 


The pace. You need to know how to adjust your pace comfortably. A slow pace needs more strength. Fast pace requires you to keep moving.


No matter what you learn need persistence and hard effort. Rome is not built in a day.



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