How to Take Care of Your Yoga Mat?


Many people use yoga to achieve a state of serenity and harmony. The importance of taking good care of your yoga mat does not matter if you are a new yogi or one who hangs on to their old mat out of nostalgia.

Your yoga mat must remain in good condition to prevent injury sickness or avoid annoying your fellow yoga students.

However, performing the downward-facing dog on a funky-smelling, bacteria-coated yoga mat will not benefit one's yoga practice.

Everyone wants to practice next to someone who does not have an unpleasant smell coming from their mat.

Here is some advice on properly caring for your yoga mat and keeping it fresh for as long as possible.

Tip 1: Hand Wash It

Several tips are available for washing your yoga mat in the washing machine, and some brands are even making mats that are compatible with washing machines. 

It is best to wash it by hand since it is the tried-and-true method. Instill a little soapy water into a wet washcloth to clean your mat. It is important to avoid tearing or bumps when clothes are machine washed.

Tip 2: Clean it frequently

Yoga mats often aren't cleaned as often as necessary, similar to make-up brushes. Most of the time, a thorough cleaning is not necessary every day; however, you should at least wipe down your floor mat with a damp cloth after each use.

By doing so, you will keep it from becoming smelly due to sweat and dirt that accumulates during yoga sessions.

Tip 3: Add Essential Oils

Adding a few drops of essential oils is a great way to revitalize a mat spray, regardless of whether you bought one or made your own. Some of the amazing properties of essential oils include promoting relaxation and energy.

It may not be obvious, but a whiff of citrus from your mat may spur you on to finish your pose. Yoga practitioners also prefer to smell eucalyptus or lavender over sweat.

Tip 4: Air Dry

Mats that are brand new tend to have an unpleasant smell. You can easily remedy this problem by air-drying it outside for a few days.

This also applies to damp cleaning mats. UV rays and fresh air are extremely beneficial. Try hanging them near a window if you can't hang them outside. It would help if you never put them in the dryer.

Tip 5: Dry Before Rolling

People probably make this mistake with their mats the most. Mats are rolled up before they have fully dried. As a result, moisture can be trapped, resulting in mold growth or a musty odor.

If you must roll up your mat after class at a yoga studio to get home, you should unroll it once you reach your home and allow it to dry.

Your yoga mat can last longer if you follow a few simple maintenance tips. You can prevent damage by wiping down the device after use and allowing it to dry.

You will likely have to invest a considerable amount of money in your yoga mat. Mats are crucial for supporting, aligning, and stabilizing during classes. However, they should be properly cleaned and maintained to prevent illness and infection.

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