How to use a yoga wheel in Asanas


Many yogis use a yoga wheel for practice because it can help us complete the poses better to deepen the stretch and strengthen our bodies. A yoga wheel is not only good for beginners but also for advanced yogis to deepen their posture.

A yoga wheel can enhance hip mobility, establish core strength, and reach you to deeper back and shoulder openers. Practicing yoga with a yoga wheel would make a difference.


  1. Deepen backbends

Doing backbends with a yoga wheel can help your muscles of the spine to stretch, relax and strengthen safely and comfortably. It has a great effect on the back, shoulders, and chest. The action of opening also benefits other back bending postures. This poses not only stretch your back but also your abdomen and hips.


  1. Wheel-Assisted Child's Pose

A child’s pose is a basic and gentle pose to stretch hips, thighs, and low back. When you use a yoga wheel for practice, put your arms on the surface of the wheel, you will feel relaxed from your shoulder to your chest.

l Kneel on the floor and your big toes touch the floor. Sit on your l heels. Put the yoga wheel between your knees and make your knee the same width as the hip distance.

l Put your hands on the surface of the wheel. Roll the wheel forward and lengthen your spine.

l Keep leaning forward and let your belly gently touch your thighs and your arms stretch in front of you. Relax your head and your neck.


  1. Reclining Easy pose

The easy pose requires a strong mind and stable breath. If you practice the declined version with a yoga wheel, it can help to reduce the tension of your shoulders.

l Sit in a certain place that is in front of your yoga wheel and makes it parallel with your spine. Cross your legs in a way you like.

l Put your hand naturally on your legs with palms up and eyes closing.

l Breathe deeply and then exhale. Stretch your spine over the wheel.

l Hold on at least 5 breaths


  1. Improve balance

Yoga wheels can help practitioners with better stability and balance by strengthening their muscles. Practice with the yoga wheel is good for hip flexibility and leg strength.


Wheel-Assisted Fish Pose


  1. Wheel-assisted fish pose

The fish pose helps for chest-opening to stretch your pectoral and shoulder muscles. The yoga wheel can help those who can not maintain the standard pose or those who love the deeper stretch.

l Sit on the floor, keep the torso upright, stretch your legs in front of you.

l Put the yoga wheel behind you, holding it with your hands lightly.

l Extend your spine on the surface of the wheel. Allow the wheel to move with your body and relax your hands.

l Release your body and hold on 3 breaths.

The yoga wheel is beneficial not only to beginners but also the advanced yogis. It brings us so much fun during practice. A yoga wheel is a great helper to improve your practice, strengthen your muscles, and gain stability.

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