What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?


The thickness of the yoga mat varies based on your need. Compared to the ultra-thin travel yoga mat, the thick yoga mat can offer more protection for your joints. There are so many choices for you so that it will be a little difficult for you to make the final decision. You can get more information about how to choose the suitable thickness for a yoga mat in this article. A yoga mat is essential equipment for you to be beautiful and inspiring for your practice.


If you choose a mat that is too thin, you may suffer the pain of your ankles, knees, and wrists during the long-term practice. If the mat is too thick, it will slow down your movement, and you won’t feel 100% supported.


Most mats that are very thick are made from PVC or foam. The thickness ranges from 6mm to 12mm. However, the mats made from these materials are not eco-friendly and will also cause toxins after being discarded. You won’t be willing to use this kind of mat to harm your skin. 


Would it be better to get the 6mm or thicker yoga mat?

In the beginning, the thicker yoga mat of 6mm might be comfortable. But as time goes by, it would be too soft to support you. You will feel that you are in a soft bed. When you want to hold a pose for a long time or keep balance, your hands or feet will sink into the mat. It is not easy to move using the very thick yoga mat.


4mm yoga mat

When it comes to the eco-friendly yoga mat that is good for your health and the environment, the yoga mat made from TPE or natural rubber can not be ignored. It won’t be too thick or too thin. You can keep balance and hold the pose for a very long time on the super grip and non-slip yoga mat of moderate thickness. It is impossible to make a 5mm or thicker natural rubber yoga mat because the natural rubber is too heavy. 3.5mm-4.5 mm natural yoga mat is the most suitable for you and has more intensity than other mats. 


Travel yoga mat

A travel yoga mat is normally 2mm in thickness. It is easy to roll or fold so that you can take it anywhere easily. However, a travel yoga mat is not so cushioning which will make you feel uncomfortable. Why would it be so thin? That’s because it is specially made for people who love to travel and exercise. The very thin yoga mat can be easily folded and put in the suitcase. It is very convenient for you to take it anywhere and enjoy the practice.


What’s the best thickness?

No one size is perfect for everyone. We are talking about the mat from 2mm to 6mm. A 4-5mm yoga mat would be ideal for you and offer the best protection for your joints and wrists. A normal travel yoga mat is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor practice and travel around the world. No matter what thickness you choose, you have to keep your health condition in mind. You need to choose your mat based on your condition.

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