Nine types of yoga meditation


What is meditation

Put it simply, meditation is a method for mind training. People can not focus on something or what they are doing for a long time. Minds are wandering from time to time. Meditation helps us to bring our wandering minds back to what we are doing at present. Meditation helps us to find inner peace and leads us to a harmonious world.


Nowadays, more and more people suffer a have pressure of life, study and work. There is an increasing need for relaxation and pressure reduction. More and more people realize the importance of meditation. There is no perfect type of meditation, only the one that most fits you. 


The different practice of meditation needs different skills and mindset. You need to find the one that better suits you. The one that makes you feel most relaxed and gets more encouragement to insist would be the perfect one for you.


Here are 9 types of meditation for you to know more details so that you can choose the one you like.

 1. Mindfulness meditation


Mindfulness meditation comes from the Buddhist concept and it is widely practiced in western countries.


In mindfulness meditation, your thoughts run through your mind and there is no need to judge them or be stuck in them. You just let your mind go through with no limit and take note of the patterns.


You need to combine your concentration with your awareness. When you focus on a specific object and your breath, you would be sensitive to feel the subtle changes of your thoughts and feelings.


This type is suitable for people who practice alone.


  1. Spiritual meditation


Spiritual meditation comes from the eastern religion. It is a way to have a deeper connection with your god and belief. Some oils with a pleasant odor could be added for this practice, such as cedar, sage, myrrh, and so on. This type of meditation is beneficial to those who are looking for spiritual strength.


  1. Focused meditation


Focused meditation means that we use one of our five senses to help stay focused. You can pay attention to your breath or the external objects. Counting numbers, staring at a specific thing, or listening to a gong would be helpful. This practice is easier said than done for beginners. It is hard for beginners to focus longer than one minute. Please always remember to drag your mind back after wandering. This practice is important for the one who needs more attention to their life. 


  1. Movement meditation


When it comes to movement meditation, most people would think of yoga. But movement meditation can happen when you walk through the forest, garden, and other gentle forms of motion.


Movement meditation helps those who want to find their peace and free their mind.


  1. Mantra meditation 


Mantra meditation matters in many teachings such as Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This type of meditation features a repetitive sound to swipe out your distracted mind and lead you to peaceful status. A sound, phrase, or word can be used for this practice. 


Chanting loud or quiet is both accepted. After many times of practice, you would be more used to this environment and reach a better status of awareness.


This type of meditation is perfect for the one who would feel bored in a quiet environment. 


  1. Transcendental Meditation


Transcendental meditation becomes a more widespread practice among people. There is a subtle difference from the mantra meditation. It can be customized for every single practitioner.


  1. Progressive relaxation


Progressive relaxation help to release pressure and ease the burden on your body. This type of meditation needs to tighten or relax muscles slowly. 


This type of meditation is suitable for those who suffer great pressure.


  1. Loving-kindness meditation


Loving-kindness meditation aims to let us be kind, merciful, and warm to people. It leads us to show love to others and accept love from others. We can learn how to give our best wishes to our beloved people and strangers. 


This type of meditation is ideal for the one who easily loses his temper and wants to learn how to calm down. 


  1. Visualization meditation


Visualization meditation is a way to improve our mood and let us find our inner peace. People often stare at positive pictures during practice. 


This type is typically for those who want to cheer themselves up.


Just push your limit and start to try. You will enter a better world for yoga practice. 

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