The Facts You Need to Know About Yoga


Yoga has been a part of American culture. According to the survey, there are nearly 36.7 million yogis and practitioners in America and the trend is still growing. You may have some misunderstandings or misleading notions about yoga that prevent you from practicing yoga. You won’t have so many concerns if you have a deeper understanding of the facts of yoga. Let’s get through this article and right wrongs.


  1. Flexibility is not mandatory

Most people worry that they are not enough flexible to practice yoga so they don’t dare to start trying. To tell the truth, flexibility is what you can get from yoga but it is not the prerequisite for yoga. You don’t have to be flexible before you practice, you will become more and more flexible during practice. Don’t let it be an obstacle to your health journey.


  1. Yoga is for everyone

Yoga is a kind of inclusive sport. It fits anybody in spite of their age, gender, body size, weight, height, and ethnicity. There is a deep misleading concept about yoga is that those who practice yoga need to be thin, bendy, elegant, and slim. The above are not the requirements of yoga. Yoga requires less but brings you more.


Many people get the wrong information online about what they can see about yoga. Those are not all aspects of yoga. Yoga is not designed for certain people or a small group of people. Yoga is for all of us. You don’t need to care what others think about you or what they think about yoga. You don’t need to change yourself to fit other people’s aesthetics. According to a survey in America, only 19% of practitioners are at the age of 18-29. A large scale of people fell into the 30-58 bracket. Nothing can stop you if you are really interested in yoga practice. Yoga means union, peace, and love.


  1. Yoga is not a religion

For some people, yoga represents a religious style. Actually, yoga includes a mental element but it is definitely not a religion. That is not the same thing. Yoga means to bring peace to the inner world and makes you more focused.


  1. Yoga is more than stretching

There is a deep impression on many people about yoga is that yoga means stretching. The fact is that yoga is more than that. Yoga includes more physical elements. What matters in yoga practice is connecting breath and movement and focusing on what you do in the present moment.


  1. Yoga poses can be modifiable

It is not easy for everyone to jump out of their comfort zone to embrace something new and face a new challenge. Some people worry that they can complete the poses perfectly. They are not confident enough to challenge a new pose. We should know that yoga poses can be customized for each level. You can modify certain poses based on your level, your body, and your ability.


  1. You can do yoga if you are pregnant

If you feel good about your pregnancy, you don’t need to stop yoga practice. You can do some simple and safe yoga poses during pregnancy because yoga is a slow workout. But remember that don’t practice for a long time and practice very cautiously. Gentle practice during pregnancy can relax your muscle and release pressure.


Yoga is everywhere around us and it changes our lifestyle quietly. Find something that is deserved to insist on and feel what great changes have taken place in your life.

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