Yoga Equipment Guide


Possibly one of the first things you'll need for yoga is a mat. Yoga mats are made of different materials, depending on your preference and what type of mat you are using. For instance, if you're practicing at home or in a studio that has carpeting, it's best to choose a wider mat that will provide extra cushioning and prevent slipping.

Some people like to use a towel, but this is not recommended because towels can slide around as you move through your routine and require more maintenance than just using the right type of mat.

What equipment do you need for yoga?

Apart from a yoga mat, you need several other things for an interactive session. When you're ready to start practicing yoga at home, there are some essential pieces of equipment you'll need. You'll need:

  • A mat (you can go with a simple yoga mat or one with extra cushioning)
  • One or two blocks (to support your body during postures)
  • Various bolsters and blankets to use for neck and headrests as well as seat cushions if you prefer to sit in a chair)
  • A strap (to lengthen poses that place pressure on your wrists, ankles, hips, and knees)
  • Two meditation blankets for props. Sometimes the regular blanket doesn't cut it.
  • A walking stick (if you have knee pain that could be helped by ergonomic support)
  • A long yoga strap for full or half-moon postures.
  • A yoga backpack

So what exactly goes into those accessories? Here are some ideas:

A bolster can help in a variety of poses. You can place one under your belly for backbends like triangle and camel, or you can wedge it between your knees for a seated forward bend, as well as for shoulder stands.

Clothing Guide for Yoga

The importance of yoga clothing cannot be underestimated. Just like playing a musical instrument, it is important to have the right clothing to help you play your yoga game. While you may look cool or funky in your tight shorts and sports bra, it is much more difficult to practice good form when you have less of a range of movement. This guide will go over the different types of clothing that are commonly seen in yoga studios and what they actually mean.

You may have heard that you should wear clothes that you could also practice with, but there are not many details on what those clothes would actually be. In order to properly practice yoga, the clothing you wear should allow for a full range of movement and flexibility. It also needs to be loose enough so that it does not cause any discomfort. Yoga is an exercise that takes balance and self-control at times, so fitting clothing is best for helping keep yourself in check.

In order to ensure maximum range of movement, loose-fitting clothing is best since it allows for your body to maneuver without restriction. You should ideally avoid anything that restricts your movement or has tight areas.

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