What is Asana in Yoga?


When you perform yoga, you always tend to hear the term Asana. But what is this and does it have any importance in the world of yoga? The truth is that Asana has been one of the most common and popular terms for people that perform yoga. In this article we will learn what Asana is all about and how does it make a difference in the world of yoga.

Understanding what is Asana

Asana is a Sanskrit term, and it translates into pose or posture. It also means comfortable seat. It’s the practice of physical postures, and its focus is to work on your physical body to maintain a healthy and happy mind. It helps us prepare for meditation, which is a crucial aspect to keep in mind. If your body is unhealthy and it’s hurting, then you’re unable to meditate and concentrate properly.

Why should you practice Asana?

As we mentioned above, if you want to meditate, then you need to ensure your body is in a very good shape. You want to have a great balance between physical and mental health, which is where Asana comes into play. The role of Asana is to maintain a steady, healthy body that will help improve your mental health and enhance your meditation routine. This is not a practice focused on how you look, it’s more about how you feel, and that alone can make a huge difference if you manage everything in an adequate manner.

Why is Asana very popular?

The core focus of Asana is to help you find the right balance, and using the right poses can help you achieve that. Plus, it gives you a way to improve your life and feel better. That means it generates various goals that will bring in even better results from a health standpoint. There are around 200 yoga poses that you can use in the world of Asana, with only 50 of them being regular in classes.

Asana benefits

What can you expect from practicing Asana? The main benefit is that you can tone and strengthen your body naturally, which is very helpful. It can also make it easier to recover from injuries, and that can make a huge difference. If you’re dealing with inflammation, Asana can help too, and it will make you more resistant to diseases as well. Additionally, you can use Asana as a way to boost your endurance, stamina and flexibility naturally.

If you always wanted to achieve the right balance between mental and physical health, then Asana is the right way to do it. You will not have a problem boosting your meditative process, and at the same time you can prevent diseases and maintain a very good health. Since Asana involves a variety of different poses, you always get to experiment and try out something new. That’s what makes it well worth it, and the fact that you can always expand and improve your routine is what makes it special. You can try out a variety of poses and postures, and that alone can be incredible.

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