Why Does Yoga Make Me Cry: Reasons, science & tips


There are a lot of people crying while they perform various yoga poses and exercises. The reason behind this is yoga is relying on tension and release. As a result, it generates a lot of emotions within your body, and crying is a way to release that. Of course, this also means you can experience a lot of joy thanks to yoga, even if it does take a bit of exercising to achieve such a goal.

Yoga invites deep feelings and it pushes the boundaries

Yoga postures can help you stretch and bend your body in unique ways. You can release emotion and tension, and you eliminate the emotional guard in doing so. That means you will be more prone to express yourself and your emotions. It all differs, some people are very excited while performing these exercises, others blatantly cry. Either way, it’s something normal and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Thanks to yoga, it’s a whole lot easier to eliminate all the tension, release buried emotions, and be true to yourself. You can use vinyasa yoga, which is a great option if you want to have different types of sessions. The sequences are not familiar, so you can surpass the regular, guarding response. Instead, you get to eliminate the habit of guarding your emotions. That’s why this type of yoga can open your heart and make it easier to focus on what you want to do. It’s a great approach, and it conveys some incredible benefits in the long run.

Improving your breathing pattern

As you learn how to improve the way you breathe, you will experience tears. It’s a demanding, emotional process, and one of the reasons why yoga can make you cry. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it’s just a part of a natural process that you encounter, and that’s the thing you need to keep in mind.

After all, our responses and feelings are involuntary when we perform yoga. All these postures generate tension via muscle activation. Yet we get to relax within that particular tension, which is extremely important to take into consideration. That’s what makes it well worth it, and in the end the benefits will shine every time.

Moreover, yoga also helps us develop emotional intelligence. We get to understand our emotions, and in the long run that helps us manage them with great success. It’s a great approach and one of those things that can bring in front astounding results and a tremendous experience. Thanks to yoga, you get to understand and also learn from your feelings, which is extremely helpful.


Can yoga make you cry? Absolutely, since it unearths many emotions that you have locked due to your protective state. Yoga helps you release all that tension and emotion all the time. It will eventually make it easier for you to control your emotions wisely, and the benefits are second to none. It’s a great idea to start practicing yoga today, as you can enjoy all these great benefits and improve your emotional intelligence!

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