Brooke——Yoga brings me peace, release, strength and courage.


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I came to yoga in 2020 at the age of 28. I had never been much of a physical person. But as a stay at home mom with two young boys I wanted to do something for myself. I was always tired, stressed and felt like I wasn't in control of anything, my own life and emotions included.

My sister and I decided to attend our first yoga class at a local studio in March of that year and I was hooked immediately in a way I had never been with anything physical.

Fast forward a month and covid lock down goes into full swing. Studios everywhere shut down and I was left feeling a little lost. "But I just found this!"

I turned to YouTube and Instagram in place to studio practice but I was not disappointed. I've gained so much inspiration and knowledge over the past year and a half that has helped me not only develop my practice but also to grow mental and emotionally.

It brings me peace, release, strength and courage. Practicing yoga has given me so many wonderful qualities that I adore, and also made me aware of those that I am lacking. And thats okay, it's all a part of my journey and I intend to embrace every bit of it.

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